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One of the things I don’t like about what I do for a living is that sometimes elections and politics just seem to overwhelm other things that are really much more important.  And sometimes they just get in the way.  So I’m writing  now to “catch up” with something that I wish I had done sooner — acknowledge the passing of the late Dr. Peter Dangerfield, the veteran leader of Total Community Action who died Sept. 29 after a two-year battle with leukemia.  He will be sadly missed. 


The folks at Bright Moments put together a beautiful tribute, which I hope everyone will see HERE.  


Below is the text of the Bright Moments written tribute, but definitely check out the link for the video.  It’s wonderful.


One of the ironies of our work at Bright Moments is that we are often called upon to produce funeral programs for close friends and many New Orleans icons. We have been honored to help memorialize people like civil rights legend, Oretha Haley;  Justice Revius Ortique, the first Black Louisiana Supreme Court Justice; Dorothy Taylor, the legendary community and political leader; Terrance Durvernay, the first Black Chief Administrative Officer for the City of New Orleans; Chief Allison “Tottie” Montana, and many others. While we are honored to have the responsibility of helping to provide a signature memorial to the lives of great men and women, we often do it with a heavy heart!


This past week we were honored to participate in the “Home Going” of Peter Dangerfield, the long time head of Total Community Action (TCA). As we were reminded at his funeral, Peter usually greeted you with ”Merry Christmas” whenever he saw you. His Merry Christmas wishes were a direct link to his humble desire that your work and your life be fulfilling.


Many gave their tributes to Peter this past Saturday. We wanted to give you a little bit more. You can view the memorial video by clicking on:http://www.brightmomentsnola.com/DangerfieldPlayer.html. The video is set to Bob Marley’s classic “Three Little Birds,” with the unforgettable hook, “every little thing’s gonna’ be alright,” Peter’s words to his wife when he learned that no more could be done to stop the leukemia from taking his life. It captures the vibrant life Peter lived; his love for his family; and his lifelong commitment to ending poverty and empowering disadvantaged people.


Peter Dangerfield was a superior intellect, a loyal friend, a committed human rights worker, a great administrator and one of the most effective political strategists of our generation. I’m certain he regretted that he would not live long enough to see the first African-American president of the United States.  I suggest today, that one of the best ways we can honor Peter is by making sure that happens; by making sure we go out and vote on November 4th.


Peter ran TCA with the fervent desire that the poor receive services in a dignified, respectful manner and that they not only get the fish at the table, but that they learn how to fish for themselves. His cornerstone philosophy was to teach people how to build their wealth assets as the primary way to reduce poverty. He initiated cutting edge and innovative programs to get information to people to help them get out of poverty and achieve a better life.


Bright Moments is proud to have known Dr. Peter W. Dangerfield and we invite you to learn more about him. We grieve with his family and friends, and we commit ourselves to finishing the work that he started.


Merry Christmas Peter,

from Bright Moments, Inc. 

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