Snow Job



A Snowmobile for George is a road trip movie with a predictable premise. Snowmobiles with two-stroke engines are prolific polluters. They were supposed to be phased out by 2000, but then a rule was changed — by the Bush administration at the behest of a lobbyist. Filmmaker Todd Darling buys one of the machines and sets off across country, detouring to look at a number of similar conflicts about land and resource management which were ultimately decided in Washington with complete disregard for policy, principle or impact. His film is an entertaining, outrageous and hard look at how decisions were made. But it is not an environmentalists-versus- Bush issue. It's most mind-boggling to watch one industry arbitrarily favored over another merely because of money and connections in Washington and without regard for all the stakeholders affected by the decisions. There's nothing wrong with lobbyists bringing a message to lawmakers, unless "lobbying" is a code word for purchasing personalized legislation. The film screens in the New Orleans Film Festival at 1:15 p.m Sunday at the Prytania Theatre. See a longer review here.

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