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Has there ever been so much multimedia fun to be had with a Presidential election? Really, we think no, indeed - not even the time we found out that Al Gore invented the Internet.Viral attacks, ads and jokes are buzzing through the Interwebs like a swarming infection of political cyberworms in our collective brain. In July, the Republican Party created a fake Facebook page for Barack Obama, mimicking the social networking site's familiar interface to call attention to connections the Illinois senator has that the GOP considers suspicious; the fake feed on the page has him adding people like Bill Ayers as "friends." (Although, as the Huffington Post noted, the implications may be lost on the main demographic of Facebook users, and those who will appreciate the joke may not use Facebook.)McCain himself does have a real Facebook page, as does Obama - although folks may remember the Republican governor's mild snafu in declaring that he does not use the Internet. His webmaster, though, created a hilarious game you can play on the page, called "Pork Invaders" - in a parody of the game "Space Invaders," players can zap tiny pigs with vetoes to fight McCain's favorite bogeymen, earmarks and pork-barrel politics. And in a kind of meta-Internet joke, the Onion ran a front-page story last week declaring "Obama deletes another unread email from," skewering the zealous liberal organizers. (I can feel that - no,, I do not want to host an Obama party at my house, and stop asking me, because I know you're not buying the beer.)Saving the hilariousest till last - please click here for some cyberwag's idea of Sarah Palin's Facebook page. (Gee, I guess MySpace really is over.)

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