Unsurprising News: Saints Sign New Kicker


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martin grammatica


It goes without saying that the NFL is not a fair enterprise. Nobody cares that, agains the Broncos, it was the Saints' turnovers and inability to advance the ball on 3rd-and-1 that contributed to the loss. The same deal seemingly goes for the Saints loss against the Vikings.


Nope, people only care that, with the game on the line, Martin Grammatica missed field goals that could have won it for the Saints. Instead of being 2—3, they could be 4—1 people will argue. That's why Grammatica was placed on injured reserve and the Saints signed Taylor Melhaff. At least the Saints showed some respect and didn't just outright cut Grammatica.


But no, it's not all because of the kicker. And, if you ask me, cutting a kicker because you feel he's the reason you're losing means that you're in denial of all the other reasons you're losing. Kickers are easy scapegoats. The question now, though, is who will the Saints blame if their new kicker fails to make the field goals that Grammatica missed?


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