So a guy named Murphy walks into the Superdome....


Saints-Vikings Halftime

And first, he goes up to Martin Grammatica and says, "Hey, instead of this ball going through the up-rights for three points, I'm gonna have this guy block it and this other guy catch it and return it for a touchdown.


Crazy play, huh? Think about it: The ball didn't even touch the ground.

But that Murphy, he wasn't done yet. No, he's a trickster. See, he then takes the guy that returned the block field goal for a touchdown, a fellow by the name of Antoine Winfield, and says to him, "Hey, check out Drew Brees. I bet if you charge his blind side, you could just take the ball away from him." And so Winfield did. And then the Vikings scored again.

But Murphy still wasn't done. No, he then went up to Minnesota's Chad Greenway and said, "Hey, if you grab Reggie Bush's facemask, I'll make sure to blind the refs while you reach in to force a fumble." And so Greenway did grab Bush's facemask and the refs were blind as used that to force a fumble.

And still Murphy was not done. With the Saints offense marching down the field, down by seven points, Murphy was now whispering in Lance Moore's ear, "Brees will pass you the ball and you'll bobble it." And so Lance did bobble that pass and the Vikings' Ben Leber caught it mid-air for an interception.

And that, boys and girls, is the incredible story of how a man named Murphy ruined the first half of the Saints Monday night game agains the Vikings.

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