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From NPR.org:

Meet The Bailout Boss

The $700 billion man.

Chris Taylor, U.S. Treasury Department/AP Photo

The great big Wall Street bailout now has a boss, and guess where they found him? Neel Kashkari works with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson now, as assistant secretary for International Economics and Development. Kashkari, 35, came to the Treasury through the same route as Paulson, which is to say through Goldman Sachs.

He'll oversee the Troubled Assets Relief Program and the Office of Financial Stability.

The Wall Street Journal runs down his curriculum vitae, with this note about Paulson:

Paulson likes to surround himself with people he's comfortable with: people, mostly, from Goldman Sachs. Paulson's inner circle already includes former Goldmanites Dan Jester, a financial institutions banker, and retired banker Steve Shafran, who focused on corporate restructuring at Goldman. It also included Robert Steel, who has since left Treasury to become CEO of Wachovia.

-- Laura Conaway

Does anyone see any problems with this? Why does everyone come from Goldman Sachs? Maybe that means they know the system well, but I'm skeptical and  fear corruption. Anyone have other comments/sources on this? Should we trust this guy?

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