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I'm watching Clancy pundit-ize on WWL with Dennis Woltering and Lucy Bustamante, which is fun.

So: Bill Jefferson and Helena Moreno projected in the runoff for the District 2 House seat. (I just talked to a friend -- poll sample of one -- who told me "In that case, I won't be voting." Zoinks.)

Leon Cannizzaro and Ralph Capitelli jockeying for Orleans D.A. (Capitelli gave fulsome congratulations to third-place finisher Jason Williams, obviously looking for an endorsement).

And some fun one-upsmanship and aggressive microphone-jockeying among the local media at the various campaign headquarters, who are rushing the candidates at the podiums. (Cannizzaro snapped: "Get off the stage.")

Thoughts on the races? School board? Bottom of the ticket races? The media? The punditry? Or are you just waiting to see Tina Fey and Queen Latifah impersonate Sarah Palin and Gwen Ifill?

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