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Drew Brees kid handshake

Photo by Jonathan Bachman

Because the Saints Monday night game this week, there won't be a "Best of the Saints Game Preview" until after Sunday. In lieu of that, though, I bring you this report from the Green Charter School, where the Harrah's Foundation donated $257,000 to the Brees Dream Foundation on Wednesday to help complete the school's Edible Schoolyard.



Just a little background info, the Edible Schoolyard was a concept first conceived by chef Alice Walters in Berkley, Calif. After Katrina, Walters brought her concept to New Orleans where it was received by Tony Recanser of the Green Charter and Arthur Ashe Charter schools. Drew and Brittany Brees caught wind of the idea and, as a part of their Brees Dream Foundation's contributions to the New Orleans community, raised funds for the completion of the garden.


Also, a quick note: While interviewing people, I kept calling the Edible Schoolyard the "Edible Garden." Not only is that straight out of the Department of Redundancy Department, but it caused Recasner to say it wrong as well. My bad.




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