Rep. John LaBruzzo goes on CNN to complain about the media paying attention to his sterilization proposal



Between Friday night's national debate (in which the presidential candidates painted earmarks and pork as tools of the Devil) and tonight's local congressional debate (in which the congressional candidates all tried to top one another with promises of how much pork and earmarks greatly needed capital they could bring to Louisiana), it was easy to miss Rep. John LaBruzzo of Metairie appearing on CNN to discuss his notion of giving poor people $1000 to be voluntarily sterilized.

(LaBruzzo was not questioned about his notion in June of doubling his own salary -- a position on which he famously reversed himself -- a pay raise equal to 16 sterilization bonuses, or 32 tied tubes.)

LaBruzzo insisted to anchor Kyra Phillips that his idea was being misunderstood, and complained repeatedly that "the media" were ignoring his other proposals to fight governmental dependence. "This is one that was brought up that the media grabbed hold of because it gets ratings," he told the national media outlet. "The media wants to have ratings and this is what they talk about."

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