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Bush in the Guardian

Photo lifted from The Guardian

Because it's not every day that a British newspaper does a profile on an NFL running back playing in Louisiana and so I'm not pre-conditioned to scan them for such news. Consider this a lesson learned.


But you have to hand it to the British, though, because these are the most lucid and well articulated statements Bush has made about Hurricane Katrina recovery since he came into the league. And I'm talking about more than just "we need to help out...there's a lot more to be makes you appreciate what you have" platitudes that everyone (rightly) states when it comes to the recovery. An excerpt:

Reflecting on the abject failure of his presidential namesake, George Bush, to respond to the impoverished and mostly black victims of Katrina, he points out that, "even now, three years on, people are living in trailers. So whatever the government did is not enough. The sad thing about New Orleans is that there is a lot of corruption in the political arena. It's sad that people have to put up with this. I don't know how most politicians feel - but I feel ashamed that people in this city, that I represent and live in and fight for, have not only to worry if their child is going to be alive the next day; they also have to worry about their own government stealing money from them."

The profile is quite good and touches on many topics including Bush's recovery projects in the area, that he was a fan of the San Deigo Chargers (the team the Saints will play against in London) as a kid and how he looks up toDemocratic Presedential nominee Barack Obama.


And, as Jeff Duncan over at the Times-Picayune pointed out, the quote of the year: "I just try to be the better Bush," he said after he was asked what it was like to share the same surname as the current U.S. President.

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