Steve Weatherford Responds to Watch-gate


Weatherford watch

Photo lifted from Deadspin


Had it not been for Jeremy Shockey's injury, Jamar Nesbit's suspension and the blown call on that last 3rd-and-1 in Denver, I think Steve Weatherford would've found himself in the middle of a media controversy over his decision to wear his wedding ring and wrist watch while holding for Martin Grammatica on Sunday.


Instead, I and a reporter from the paper that shall not be named (rhymes with Crime-Looneygoon) were the only media members that inquired upon Weatherford's style choices. Luckily, I got to him first and was saved him asking me "Don't you want to ask me about my 56-yard punt average this weekend?"

Weatherford insists that he has worn the watch ever since he got into the NFL and has done it constantly.

"It's a comfort thing," he said. "It started in the offseason when I'd be working out and punting with my watch on. It feels weird to take it off. And I don't my wife minds that I wear my wedding ring during games."

Well now, that makes sense. Weatherford also said that he's wears the watch in practice and he's never had a kicker, coach or the league tell him to do otherwise. He did say that if a kicker told him the watch was a distraction that he wouldn't hesitate to remove it. It just hasn't been the case so far.

"I can't tell you how many pictures there are of me holding for John Carney or Olindo Mare and I'm wearing the watch," he said. "Now that my kicker misses a game-winning field goal, it tells you how much the media likes to scrutinize every little detail."

In all fairness, I wasn't scrutinizing, I was just curious. Especially considering that Weatherford's claim of there being countless pictures of him wearing the watch. An extensive Google search turned up a lot of pictures, but not a single one of them show him wearing the watch.

Surely he went back and deleted the pics in true Nixon fashion.

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