Humane Society Takes Action Against Abused Livestock



Livestock animals dragged by chains hyperextending their legs behind bobcat tractors. Shoved and stabbed by forklifts. Shocked repeatedly. Sprayed with high-pressure hoses to simulate drowning. Calves kicked repeatedly in the head. Calves with broken legs. Downed cattle, animals too weak, sick and injured to stand up, beaten and shocked repeatedly...

This is a list of some of the things the Humane Society of the United States has reported in their undercover investigation of animal abuses in slaughterhouses and livestock farms around the country. To read more about their reports and findings on this issue click here.  Though many Human Society satellites around the country operate adoption centers, most people don't know that they are primarily certified, licensed private investigators. According to HSUS,

"The USDA is finally considering closing a loophole in federal slaughter regulations that hurts downed cattle. If USDA's proposal moves forward, cattle who are too sick or injured even to stand or walk will no longer be slaughtered for human food.?

To allow the public to show additional support for the ban, HSUS has set up a convenient online form to allow anyone to submit a letter supporting the push to further protect injured and abused livestock.

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