Energy Issues Still Hot



Energy issues continue to fuel the fires of Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race, which pits GOP state Treasurer John Kennedy against incumbent Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu. Earlier in the campaign, the two candidates fought over who loved drilling more as experts weighed in with a reality check: any senator elected from Louisiana will be pro-oil. The focus on drilling is a national Republican strategy against Democrats, and Kennedy appears to be following that cookie-cutter template — something Landrieu’s previous opponents also did, to no avail. 

The Iowa-based American Future Fund is airing radio spots statewide that call on Landrieu to abandon the Senate’s so-called “Gang of 10” plan that “puts in place burdensome new taxes and fails to open America’s massive energy reserves.” AFF Communications Director Tim Albrecht says the plan “does not advance our energy security and is harmful to our economy.” Landrieu and other members of the coalition refute the claims, but it’s the politics behind the media buy that are more interesting. The Washington Post reported recently that AFF is “widely rumored to be the most likely conduit for soft-money donations to be spent on some of the most hotly contested Senate races this fall.” — Jeremy Alford

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