Best of the Saints Game Preview: Week 3 @ Denver


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In which I take all the best news, quotes, pictures and everything else Saints-related toss it together and serve it up for our readers. This week we’ll be tackling the Saints (1—1) week 3 matchup against the Denver Broncos (2—0) in the Mile High city. Home of thin air, thinner women and the coldest (READ: shittiest) tasting beer in the world. Follow me after the jump...we're going down to Denver gonna have ourselves a time. Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation...

But first and foremost:

  • Best WTF Moment From This Week: The Saints signed Joey Harrington. Please, picketers stay to the left, torch bearers on the right. Unruly mob, proceed to unrule. 

We now return you to our regularly scheduled game preview.

looking up

Photo by Jonathan Bachman

  • Best Reason to Care About This Game: Who pictured this team going 1—2 in it's first three weeks? Anybody? Now that the prospect of that record seems all too real, how does that make you feel? It's OK, we're all friends here. Just let it out.
  • Best Quote of the Week: "It's a position that I knew the consequences of the position, and I knew the glories of the position. So it's a position that I love to play and I'm going to continue to play." — Tracy Porter talking about his position and playing that position and the position that he plays.


bulldog patio


  • Best Place to Watch the Game: So I was reading over our reader's choices for "Best Sports Bar" in the lastest "Best of New Orleans" issue and, at the risk of pissing off a lot of readers (and possibly some editors), I have to say the choice for Fox & Hound Pub & Grille is a total f*****g sham. It's a chain for Chrisssakes! Can't we get one strictly local bar on that list? I nominate The Bulldog, both in Mid-City and Uptown. Wait, what's that? They have a location in Jackson? Well at least the Saints have training camp there.


drew brees throwing

Photo by Jonathan Bachman


  • Best Game-Related Storyline to Follow: Drew Brees vs. the Denver Broncos (and Denver Post). Brees has a history with the Broncos. See, back when he was with the San Diego Chargers, Brees had to play the Broncos twice a year. Well, the last four games he played against Denver, you and I threw for as many touchdowns as he did (0). Oh, and there's that shoulder injury he suffered back in 2005. Oh, and the Broncos made fun of him because he's short (for a quarterback). This should be fun.
  • Best Non-Game-Related Storyline to Follow: Sooooo, there's a Web site out there that prides itself on reporting on the underbelly of celebrity news and gossip. And on that Web site is a story about Reggie Bush's girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The title of the post is "Kim Kardashian Hates Hurt People." It isn't pretty:

At this point, she rolls down the window to reveal her KIM KARDASHIAN self [...] who tells me "Don't you touch my car." I thought, "Are you fucking kidding me?! there's a guy on the sidewalk with his head bleeding." I then screamed at her "Are you fucking kidding me?! There's a guy on the sidewalk with his head bleeding!!" to which she responds "I know, but don't touch my car." ... She said "I know?" I KNOW that I'm holding up rescue in my tinted-ass Escalade looking thing and on my cell, but the only thing I care about is not to hit my car.


Saints gnome


  • Best Completely Random Piece of Saints Merchandise: What would I do without you eBay? When a week's worth of searching for completely randome and useless Saints products turned up nothing, you once again saved the day providing me with this auction for a "New Orleans Saints Official Good Luck Garden Gnome." Sadly, the bidding for this product has ended. Happily, there were 0 bids. Go buy your self some official good luck Saints fans!
  • Best Local Artist to Listen to Before/After the Game: I don't know how, but I forgot to put up a band last week. As a result, the Saints lost. I will never do that again. To make for it, I give you two bands/artist this week. The first is Sick Like Sinatra. You may recognize them as the guys that do most of the intro/outro music for the the New Orleans Sports Scuttlecast. They're also totally awesome live. Check them out. The second is Mem Shannon. Man can that guy play a guitar. I dare you to listen to "Forget About Me" and not be emotionally moved.


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