McCain worthy...NOT!



Two things that you won't hear at a McCain/Palin rally are Sarah answering questions and music. Actually the campaign keeps trying to rock the crowds, Politico reports, but artists keep asking them to stop. While the campaign has the appropriate licenses to play music, the musicians have objected that it suggests an endorsement by them. So far, Heart has asked the campaign to stop playing "Barracuda" when it introduces Palin (her high school nickname). (The campaign said it would stop, but apparently hasn't.) Other artists not jumping on the bandwagon are Van Halen and John (once Cougar) Mellencamp, who is perfectly alright with "Our Country" selling Chevys, but not being rolled out for McCain.  The senator also crossed Mike Meyers when he used the Wayne's World mantra "We're not worthy." On the other side, Obama has had one run-in with the oldies crowd. His campaign crossed the music publisher of Sam Cooke's "(What a) Wonderful World." The company didn't ask him to stop using the song in an ad; it just issued a statement proclaiming neutrality. McCain, however, can count some artists among his supporters: including John Rich of Big & Rich, and country rapper Cowboy Roy.

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