Bayond the Pale, I mean Palin



You may or may not have seen Sarah Palin bikini shots. The kind Tina Fey joked about on Saturday Night Live. But they are obvious Photoshop fakes, and there’s one easy way to tell: Sarah Palin doesn’t tan outdoors.



Palin bought a tanning bed and had it installed in the Alaska governor’s mansion. And it has nothing to do with global warming. At a couple of degrees per decade, she doesn't have that kind of time. She also is not into solar power. This is about a different type of power.


Simply put — skin concerns are presidential. McCain is battling epidermal challenges, which should tell you one thing. Bush also is worried about his skin. The AP reports that Bush has had non-cancerous lesions removed in 2004 through 2007, and he’s only 62. So how’s a hockey mom gonna catch up. Between indoor rinks and six months of Alaskan night, she’s underexposed. Only a little nuc-u-lar waffling is gonna advance this agenda. Maybe that's why Palin declared May 2007 Skin Cancer Awareness month.

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