Best of the Saints Game Preview: Week 2 @ Washington


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Porter celebrating

All photos by Jonathan Bachman

In which I take all the best news, quotes, pictures and everything else Saints-related toss it together and serve it up for our readers. This week we’ll be tackling the Saints (1—0) week 2 matchup against the Washington Redskins (0—1) in our nation's capital. Land of the brave, home of the free, oh golden waves of New Orleans Saints defense rushing the quarterback (that's how it goes, right?). Follow me after the jump for some capital goodness.

In Week 1 it's a new season. We don't know which of last year's assumptions should carry over and which of our preseason hunches are any good, and the only clues we have come from practice games. And if there's one thing any smart observer should learn from watching NFL practice games, it's to ignore everything that happens in them except injuries.

In Week 2 we've seen the results of Week 1 -- and they're utterly baffling. Now which of last year's assumptions should carry over? Now which of our preseason hunches were worth anything?

I've always been of the mindset that you don't know how good an NFL team is until around Week 4. But even then (as last year's Saints proved) you could be wrong. Still 2—0 looks a lot better than 1—1 don't you think?

  • Best Quote of the Week: "I like to come up here on Friday afternoons, kick back with my 190 Octane. Watch the sun set over the Superdome, much like Batman overlooking Gotham City… except I’m much better looking, I think you would agree." — Supa Saint talking about how he passed the time at the Superdomein the offseason.

Korner Krewe Barbeque

  • Best Place to Watch the Game: Sadly, it's an away game, so no tailgating adventures this week. But if there's one thing New Orleans is known for, it's bars. And this week, why don't you head down to Bruno's in Uptown. Wait, it's Rocco's now? What's that? They changed New Bruno's to Rocco's? This is all so confusing. Whatever. They have plenty of TVs and beer. What more could you possibly ask for?
  • Best Game-Related Storyline to Follow: Marques Colston out for 4—6 weeks with a thumb injury? Oh noes! Is it finally time for Robert Meachem to shine? Or will he sink under the pressure? Chances are, one game won't answer any of those questions. But it's fun to ask, isn't it?
  • Best Non-Game-Related Storyline to Follow: The culinary knighthood of one Nolachick who shocked the world with her recipe for cajun grilled redskin potatoes and Bro Sweets and sour tea. Is there a Food Network-style throwdown on the horizon. For the purpose of this blog, please say yes.

Fleur de Flex

  • Best Completely Random Piece of Saints Merchandise: If you have any doubt about what the National Football League is all about, just check out the Fleur de Flex. Only in America can you take an age-old cultural symbol, jack it up with steroids and sell it on a free market.
  • Best Media Blowhard to Poke Fun At: Me. So my Saints season preview for Deadspin didn't go over that well because, apparently, I forgot to actually talk about football. Shame on me for thinking people might be interested in the yearly plight New Orleans residents go through called "Hurricane Season." Oh, and let's not forget that I picked the Saints to lose this week. What an ass am I. Maybe I should've written something more like this. Touché, Moosdenied. Touché.


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