Sedrick Ellis' Tattoo Addiction


Sellis strips

Photo by Jonathan Bachman

Most of the world has not seen Sedrick Ellis' tattoos. Partly because of his tendancy to wear sleeves during games and partly because he doesn't want you to.


"My tats are personal," he said, explaining to me why I couldn't take a picture of one.

But rest assured, he has a lot of them. he has tattoos on his chest, both his arms, on his legs, back and stomach (sort of like another former New Orleans sportsman). Ellis said that he lost count of how many tattoos he got and that he got them all done for free when he was in college at USC thanks to a friend of his that does tattoo work. His favorite tattoo, though, is still the first one he ever got: his mother's name and birthdate on his right forearm.


Aside from the fact that he got the ink done for free, why is it about tattoos that prompted him to get so many of them?

"I guess it's about surviving the pain," he said. "But I can't really pinpoint a reason."

Is there truth to the saying that tattoos are addictive?

"Yea, I think there's something to that," he said.

I went on to ask Sedrick which was his most painful tattoo. He hesistate for a moment and then said that it was definitely the chest.

"You know, right here," he said, poking me in my rib cage. "That really hurts."

Fortunately for me, getting poked in the chest by a 300-lb lineman doesn't hurt that much. Though I don't think he was trying to leave any permanent mark.

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