Donations for the United Houma Nation



As Clancy wrote yesterday (augmented with lots of links to the bloggers and community activists who are on the ground in the wetlands), the United Houma Nation and their neighbors were severely damaged by Gustav, and people are looking for ways to provide immediate help.

Trinity Christian Community in Broadmoor (3908 Joliet St.) has established itself as a dropoff point for much-needed donations:

Supplies needed to address the immediate recovery include the following: non-perishable food,? water, ?flashlights & ?batteries, gloves, boots, shovels, large garbage bags, cleaning supplies, fans, tarps, tree and debris removal equipment & supplies, personal hygiene items, ice chests, First Aid kits, gas gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and generators. Elderly needs include Depends and Ensure products. Baby needs include formula, diapers, and baby wipes.

See Clancy's post for other ways to donate.

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