There are plenty of silver-lining, glass-half-full types who point out positive things that resulted from the failure of government-built flood protection in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. For me, one of those positives is that in 2006 when the Saints returned home to the Superdome they became the NFL team with the best song, U2 & Green Day's stellar remake of The Skids' The Saints are Coming. Granted, we already had the best song with When the Saints Go Marching In, but Bono and Billy Joe Armstrong have the edge (pun intended) when it comes to a 21st century rallying cry.

This video deserved much more exposure. It still packs a powerful gut punch for those of us who went through the interminable agony of watching our people suffer for days waiting for government aid that inexplicably couldn't reach a major city in the continental U.S. After Gustav, it now applies more to the areas of Louisiana to the north and west of New Orleans. Unfortunately the people suffering from Gustav aren't getting the non-stop publicity we got. I'm sure they can now relate to the video's scenes of the government response that should have been.

Although it seemed improbable five days ago, I'll be at the Superdome with my children tomorrow for the Saints 2008 season opener. Sure, I'll be driving there in a rented car since my ride is still sitting in Jarreau, LA a few yards from False River under a pile of debris, courtesy of Gustav. But I'll probably yell my throat raw as I forget the events of the past week for a few hours and revel in the company of 70,000 of my dearest friends. Then I'll drive home and see if Hurricane Ike could be planning to test our resiliency a little more. Geaux Saints!

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