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What if Christmas was delayed, not just a day, but for six months? That’ll give you an idea of what it’s been like for local children’s music extraordinaires the Imagination Movers and their legions of preschool fans while they waited for the debut of the band’s new live-action television show. The wait is finally over, and the show premiers at 9 a.m. Saturday on the Disney Channel. Scott Durbin, the goateed Mover with Wobble Goggles, sums it up simply.

     “It took a long time,” Durbin says.


Due to the prolonged writers’ strike, New Orleans’ answer to aging Australians the Wiggles had to halt production of the show in late December, which was produced at Nims Center studios in Harahan. The Movers were finally able to return to Nims in March, but it pushed the broadcast premiere of the show back six months.

     No 3-year-old would ever believe this, but good things really do come to those who wait. The Movers — Durbin, Rich Collins, Dave Poche and Scott Smith — have gone beyond writing children’s songs that combine unlikely qualities — lyrical lessons that are catchy and memorable and surrounded by a groove cocoon that can hold both parents’ and kids’ attention — to creating a Saturday morning show that’s funny, musical and educational.

     Most preschoolers really don’t care if something is educational, but it does have to be entertaining — and Imagination Movers is. The show is set in the Idea Warehouse, a colorful place with numerous gadgets like Collins’ Scribble Sticks, which allow him to draw in the air. Each of the 26 episodes involves an “idea emergency” — a bad hair day, stopping a sneeze or a mysterious noise —  that is simple enough to solve, but the Movers take their time, use their problem-solving skills and bring the audience along to find the answer. With plenty of music, jokes that will leave you and the kids groaning, and plots that will spur your kids to think and not just watch, Imagination Movers will likely become a regular part of the Saturday morning routine for millions of American families.



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