Oh no, not again!




Don’t unpack your suitcases yet, folks…  


UPDATE:  There’s a pretty decent weather blog on Weather Underground by a guy named Jeff Masters, who writes that there are two schools of thought on Ike’s path. Interestingly, neither school has it coming directly at New Orleans.  One has it going to Texas, the other to the Florida Panhandle — even within 50 miles of Tampa.  Often times the “official” track forecast merely “averages” the various tracking models and casts a wide “cone” hundreds of miles to the east and west, and that appears to be happening right now.  The thing to remember is that all of the models have a significant margin of error 3 days out, and a great deal of wiggle room 5 days out. Hence the “cone of uncertainty,”  a/k/a “cone of confusion.” Now that we’ve all learned  how to evacuate, let’s hope the mayor can figure out a better way to let us back in. Personally, I’d love to see us not have to practice so often.


Good luck, everybody.


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