John McCain Doesn't Care About Block People



Or so the Republican National Conventioneers would have us believe. With the post-Gustav information blitz enlightening some formerly dark corners of New Orleans, I took the opportunity to catch a few hours of last night’s RNC, where I was treated to some of the most offensive rhetoric to come out of a major political party in my lifetime. The attacks, which mocked Barack Obama’s experience two decades ago as a grass-roots activist on Chicago’s South Side, came not just from Rudy Giuliani, the failed candidate for his party’s nomination, who spit out the term “community organizer” twice as if he secretly held Habitat For Humanities responsible for taking down the Twin Towers, but from the party’s vice presidential nominee herself, Gov. Sarah Palin. “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities,” she said, referencing her previous job as chief executive of Wasilla, Alaska, population 7,028. The partisan crowd, waving signs that read “Prosperity,” ate it up. But I had to wonder how such insults — not just to Sen. Obama, but also to anyone who has ever worked for or benefitted from a neighborhood organization — were received by small-town Americans, for whose interests Palin’s nomination was supposedly engineered, or by citizens in New Orleans, whose own community organizers averted potentially substantial loss of life during the Gustav evacuation, allowing the GOP to proceed with their grand ole party as planned. A simple “thank you” would have sufficed. The “f**k you” they got instead is unpardonable.     

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