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Up in Baton Rouge, our gracious host city for yet another evacuation, strange little parallels emerge.

On Sunday evening, fresh from the highway and with the talk radio voices still ringing in our ears, we rounded up a few similarly displaced friends to break the tension at a bar. One thing we all forgot from our last stormy visit here: no bars are open on Sundays, just restaurant bars. So we found ourselves at the Superior Grill, of the same restaurant group with the popular Tex-Mex joint on St. Charles Avenue.

It turns out this shared institution of margarita happy hours is located in the Baton Rouge neighborhood called Mid-City, which is also, of course, our own home turf in New Orleans.

Not coincidentally, one in our group was expressing her pride/pining for home by wearing her Mid-City (New Orleans) T-shirt (see above). This immediately drew the attention of curious restaurant patrons, producing the following:

Baton Rouge Girl: Is that a Mid-City T-shirt?

New Orleans Girl: Yup!

BRG: You got it around here?

NOG: No, I got it at Metro Three. . .on Magazine Street . . .in New Orleans.

BRG: New Orleans! That's great! We have a Mid-City here, you're in it!

NOG: Thanks!

BRG: Well, welcome, hope it all works out.

And now that it looks like it will all work out, I cannot wait to leave this hospitable Mid-City and get back to my home Mid-City.

-- Ian McNulty


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