Bring on the Comfort Food



Between power-outages in Baton Rouge, we're make obsessive, minute-by-minute checks of the media, e-mail and text messages for word about how our city is faring in this storm.

While the news has been generally reassuring so far, all the waiting and wondering adds up to a queasy anxiety that certainly dampens the appetite.

We're feeling very fortunate to have a range of food options in our evacuation kitchen, knowing that many of our neighbors are in much less comfortable situations right now. Still, it's interesting that all my palate and uneasy belly can comprehend eating at the moment is Louisiana food, something with rice, sausage and lots of seasoning.

This is easy food, and it tastes like home, the place we're thinking of compulsively right now. Jambalaya was one of the last good things I ate in New Orleans, on Friday during a Katrina commemoration gathering at Finn McCool's Irish Pub (pictured above). Soon, I hope, we'll be eating good stuff like this back in our own neighborhoods again soon.

- Ian McNulty

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