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L.A. Saints

I missed this when it happened because even evacuating a day early can take awhile, but had this interesting story regarding the Saints yesterday. And by interesting I mean shitty. The title alone is enough to send New Orleans residents into a tizzy: "Get Ready For The Los Angeles Saints In 2009...Maybe."


The post refers to this article on, which cites this article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, which cites John Semcken. Who is John Semcken? Oh, he's just the vice president of Majestic Realty, a Los Angeles-based company which just unveiled a plan to build an $800-million football stadium and entertainment complex just outside L.A. Semcken also said that "seven teams have expressed interest in coming" but he "declined to name them." His business partner is not so shy.

In April, [Majestic Realty President Ed] Roski listed the New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers as teams that might move to L.A. and his new stadium.

Well isn't that something? The Saints are listed first on the list of potential teams. And look, Deadspin put Drew Brees in a picture implying he'd be throwing TD's in L.A. Oh, and can you believe that L.A. thinks it can support two teams? Wow, that's something. You know, just forget the fact that L.A. has failed time and again in trying to keep an NFL team. Now it thinks it can support not just one, but two teams because the "economy is so good."


No wonder everyone hates L.A.

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