Showtime for Leftovers


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Across the city, fuel tanks are being filled while freezers are being emptied as just-in-case measures for next week's nerve-wracking weather predictions.

As one bellwether, yesterday was probably the most sparsely-attended edition of the Mid-City Green Market to date. Very few people seemed interested in a week's worth of peaches, tomatoes or fresh lamb from the Northshore. Buying a gallon of exquisite Mauthe's Dairy milk could be seen as an act of faith or defiance of the tenets of hurricane season home economics. Many of the shoppers who did turn up vocally expressed their optimism for a merciful storm track when they made each purchase from the less-than-busy farm vendors.

So now, it's showtime for leftovers. I'm imagining increasingly unique combinations of chicken, shrimp, sausage and ground beef from the freezer, the Tupperware tops coming off week-old sauces and a positive din of crinkling as plastic wrap is removed from one bundle of vegetables after another.

Of course, we're hoping that next week sees us all at our local grocery stores and farmers markets, restocking and wiping our brows more from relief than the heat.

- Ian McNulty


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