The Katrina Myth


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Sandy Rosenthal gets right point as to why produced its latest video, The Katrina Myth: The Truth about a Thoroughly Unnatural Disaster.

     “To obliterate the myths that are hindering and slowing the region’s recovery.”

     This newest effort by the local grassroots organization will be premiered this evening. Here are the details:

     Where: Touro Synagogue, 4238 St. Charles Ave (secure parking at Carondelet and

     General Pershing St.

     Time: 6:30 p.m., Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live jazz band

     7:30 p.m. film presentation followed by discussion

     The short film is already receiving a positive buzz from the United Kingdom of all places. Here’s a snippet about the video from a recent article by Ethan Brown in The Guardian

"One clip has CNN's Glenn Beck declaring that New Orleans should never be rebuilt because of its "doom geography". In fact, New Orleans' storm vulnerability comes not from geography but from the erosion of wetlands, flawed levees built by the Army Corps of Engineers (some were built too low, others with easily erodable sand) and the loss and blockage of sediment deposits in the Mississippi River because of the construction of hydroelectric dams."

Beck bashing, cocktails, snacks and a band? I'll see you at the movies! 





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