Dems Da Breaks



Watching Hillary Clinton’s fanatical supporters do everything but cut off their noses to spite their faces this week has been the single most inimitable facet of what has so far been a wholly inimitable Democratic Convention. On Tuesday, after Clinton’s rousing address, Larry King Live hosted the movement’s Idi Amin: PUMA (that’s Party Unity My Ass) member and Just Say No Deal founder Elizabeth Joyce, who came across less like a goodnatured activist and more like a bad SNL skit, smiling wildly at inappropriate times while blathering incoherently about not supporting Barack Obama because some bloggers had insulted her. The best moment came when King asked why Joyce would vote against her own self-interest, given the parallels between the Clinton/Obama platforms. “I need to be courted before I vote for any candidate,” she answered, beaming intermittently. So, what? Drinks with David Plouffe? Dinner with David Axelrod? “All I’m saying is that they need to earn my vote. I’m a good Catholic girl from Boston, Massachusetts, and I don’t vote on the first date.” OK, I was joking. But rogue grins notwithstanding, Joyce and Co. seem to be dead serious. As this whole solipsistic soap opera drags on, they increasingly resemble deranged auto-parts enthusiasts who, hellbent on protecting a prized radiator, stand ready to hand over their entire car.    

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