Just in case



While the eyes of the nation are on Denver, and the good folks who bring us all that news-flavored programming on the television machine are analyzing Hillary Clinton's orange pantsuit...

Diane Sawyer: "And one other small note, you probably saw the picture yesterday of Senator Clinton's parade of pantsuits. They were testing the colors during her -- I love the guys up there testing the color of the suit. Well, as you know, they wanted to know which went best with a blue background and decided on the bright orange pantsuit. Couldn't have been lost on any Broncos fans out here in Denver. She was the ultimate fan because there it is blue and orange, colors of the Broncos."

...we crazy people on the Gulf Coast are, as usual, doing our own thing. We're just frivolous that way.

So what's your thing? I've got a room in Mississippi (just in case), a couple of cases of bottled water (just in case), and will be running to the bank and Rouses this morning (just in case).

What are your plans as of this morning?

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