Their Wallets Remain Empty



but a representative from Councilman Fielkow’s office today confirmed that there would be a hearing into problems surrounding the city’s funding of HIV/AIDS agencies. Last week, Gambit Weekly ran a cover story, “What’s in Their Wallets?” that showed how the city still hadn’t used federal monies (more than five months into the fiscal year) to fund local agencies, leaving one agency unable to continue offering services.


City Council’s Government Affairs Committee will take up the issue on Monday, September 8 at 10 a.m. in the Council Chamber. Joan Hickson, Fielkow’s chief of staff, says that the hope is bring in representatives from the various HIV/AIDS agencies in the New Orleans region to discuss the funding process and to ensure these agencies can continue to provide services.  Hickson adds that the Council has been aware of the issues surrounding Part A Ryan White funds.

     “Many things prompted it, but clearly the issue in the Gambit brought it to the public’s attention,” Hickson says.

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