Circuit Breaker: White Denim



White Denim’s brand of bluesy anarchy makes the White Stripes seem about as dangerous as a color-coordinated lemonade stand. Distortion is the Austin, Texas, trio’s currency of choice, and amid a pitch-correcting, Pro Tools-slick musical economy, its crackling, self-recorded bounties are about as inflation-proof as indie rock gets in 2008. As for actual profit margins? The band appears to have little use for them. White Denim made its name as a freakish live outfit with nary a label affiliation, earning the majority of its record sales instead at merch tables; if you were present for one of those sweaty shows and purchased an 11-song CD-R wrapped in paper and called, simply, 11 Songs, you already own its forthcoming domestic debut. (It’s to be officially released with the title Exposion in November, on Austin micro-imprint Transmission.) Loony tune “Shake Shake Shake,” the LP’s spastic centerpiece, rocks call-and-response lyrics and rollicking guitar figures like early Kinks shot out of a cannon.
White Denim plays Republic New Orleans with the local group Big Rock Candy Mountain and Google-proof Restaurant at 10 p.m. Wed., Aug. 27. Tickets $10.

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