A Bully Political Pulpit



The Louisiana Family Forum, a right-wing advocacy group that promotes faith-based issues, is dropping $250,000 this fall to bring 50,000 people to the polls. The “Ring the Bell” campaign kicked off earlier this month and eventually will complete a tour of 60 cities. 

The goal is to convince pastors to register 100 percent of their congregations to vote. In all, the LFF is targeting 500 independent and evangelical churches in its voter outreach program. “It is time for pastors to stand up and speak out against the forces that attempt to bully them into silence during election season,” says LFF Executive Director Gene Mills. “Pastors have a responsibility to affirm moral principles in politics, despite the illegitimate outcries of ‘separation of church and state’ from the uninformed.” The LFF also has  partnered with the Gerard Health Foundation, a Christian fundamentalist group that gets involved with high-profile issues such as abortion, to create a Web site (http://lafamilyforum.us/vr/) that helps people register to vote. Obviously, the goal of the registration drive is influence, a detail the new registration site doesn’t gloss over. “Just imagine the impact that Bible-believing Christians could have on the direction of our government, the character of our leaders, and the health of our nation if we all functioned as the stinging salt and the shining light as Jesus intended,” states a passage on the Web site. “So vote your values as a Christian.” — Jeremy Alford

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