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When corporations start moving into Broadmoor, that’s when I leave. Unless it’s the Broadmoor Development Corporation, of course. What comes next is shameless shilling for my neighborhood.

     Today the Broadmoor Improvement Association announced the launch of a new website for its community development corporation,

     The website will allow Broadmoorians — yeah, that’s how we refer to ourselves — to complain, or, as the press release states, “fill out a detailed online report about a quality of life issue.” After a report is filled out online, a BDC staffer will try to get that problem resolved.

    There are other helpful tools offered on the site, including “Help 4 NOLA,” which lists a number of various available resources such as daycare services, medical, mental health, housing programs and many others. These resources aren’t limited to just Broadmoor, but feature services and programs available throughout the city.

     And if you’re a potential corporate donor, BDC has plenty of possibilities for you to invest in. But be careful, you never know what Broadmoor might be planning next.

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