Hornets introduce Devin Brown


Devin Brown

I really got to thank the Hornets for giving me so much to blog about while the Saints travel to Cincinnati. Can't wait for the NBA season to start.

Anyways, after unveiling their brand-new court, the Hornets unveiled their brand-new player: Devin Brown. Brown was with the team previously when they were known as the "NOOCH" and continues the Hornets trend of saying that they're moving to the future, while clinging onto symbols of the past. Or something.

Brown talked briefly about being glad to be back in New Orleans (side note: has a free agent acquisition ever said that they're not glad to be with the team that just signed them?) and how he's looking forward to play every position, save for center. Brown does fill the void left by Jannero Pargo bolting for Russia as he has some experience playing point guard. He also brings a lot of playoff experience after winning a championship with the Spurs and playing in the Finals with the Cavaliers.

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