"Excellence in Recovery": Countdown to the festivities



WDSU.com is leading with Hurricatropicanestorm Fay and this:

Mayor Among Group To Be Honored For Recovery Efforts

New Orleans Bloggers Calling On Protest Of Award

Mayor Ray Nagin is set to receive an award Friday night for recovery, courage and leadership but some are wondering whether he’ll accept it.

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, Ret., will be in town Friday to remember the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and to hand the award to Nagin....

“I think the group is going to honor four or five other citizens and it's an independent group not using public funds. They invited me and I said, ‘fine.’ I think they used me as kind of a marquee name to get this thing going, looks like a lot of people are going to show up," Nagin said.

In recent weeks, local blog sites have called on people to protest the event.

I'll be liveblogging from inside the party and going out for a drink afterward if anyone wants to join me...

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