Best Thing Since Iced Coffee


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Traveling recently in New England, I came across this brilliant stroke of cool, caffeinated innovation.

In Wakefield, R.I., a small, former mill town with a historic downtown main street, I found this iced coffee at a chocolate shop called Jennifer's Chocolates.

Look closely at the cubes. They aren't ice, but rather frozen coffee. In this way, the coffee is kept cold, but as the cubes melt they actually make the coffee stronger with their gradually increasing dose of black coffee.

This is the exact opposite effect of normal ice melting in your coffee. I noted that on the August morning I experienced this innovation, the temperature was about 80 degrees. That's practically sweater weather for us in New Orleans.

So in New Orleans, where ice melts faster than butter in a pan, do we have anyone employing this genius move of frozen coffee cubes? If there's a coffee shop that does this, please let the rest of us know.

Ian McNulty


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