The Greatest Saint Ever: Bobby Hebert


Brees and Hebert

Photo by Jonathan Bachman

Things I found about Bobby Hebert that I didn't know before today: He has a son known simply as T-Bob and was the grand marshal at the City of Natchitoches' annual Christmas lighting event. "He will always refill your beer when its empty." He has a pretty interesting MySpace page. Oh, and fans think he's the best Saint ever. Wait. What?

Yea, it turns out that had one of those polls that you hear about all the time nowadays and in it, Saints fans were asked "Who is the greatest in Saints history?" Competing against the likes of Deuce McAllister, Joe Horn and the great Archie Manning, Hebert absolutely slayed the compition, winning 49.2% of the vote. That's more than twice as much as Manning and more than the rest of the field combined.'s Pat Yansinskas said this is a case of "sentiment getting in the way of sense." That may be the case considering that Hebert led the Saints to their first playoff run and has been a local media mainstay for quite some time now. But WWL's Gus Kattengell did say the vote was a bunch of bull s*** because Hebert turned his back on the team during contract talks. Kattengell did assure me though that the vote wasn't so lopsided as a result of Hebert plugging himself on his radio show.

Still, "Bobby Hebert: Greatest Saint Ever," just doesn't sound right.

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