Biodiesel wha...?



Apparently there's a biodiesel workshop taking place in New Orleans this weekend, Aug 22 to 24 at the University of New Orleans, where participants will learn to make their own biodiesel fuel for $1 a gallon. The workshop's organizers say, "for years we have experienced not having to pay for diesel at the pump and after your attendance at The Bio-Diesel Workshop, you will experience the same relief."

---I'm sorry to be crude (actually, I'm not), but did anyone else picture human excrement in a milk jug when they read that?

According to Go Green, where I read the advertisement for the workshop, this bio-fuel would deliver the same MPG as regular diesel, and no conversions are necessary. (huh?) Poo poo in a jug...

After searching for more information I found this web site, containing the same details reported on go green nola. I also looked for information on UNO's web site, where the workshop is scheduled to be held. Apparently they know nothing about it. Or at least their search engine doesn't.

More searching led to this web site, with, finally, more information!!! The panel will consist of seven speakers, ranging in specialties from sociology to biology; they all use biodiesel in their cars, boats, generators, and even a bobcat!

Now I'm really curious. What is the biodiesel? How can it be possible?

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