The Art of Mixing Sports and Politics: Part Two


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Ari Fleischer

Recognize this man? Well, if you're a fan of Washington polictics circa 2000-2003, you'd know he's former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. And Saints should get to know him, cause the Black and Gold have gotten in touch him. Wait, what?

Yup. The Saints are actually the second NFL team to contact Fleicher in the last three months, the first being the Packers when they needed help with some QB that didn't want to go away. Turns out that Fleischer has focused on sports since his resignation from the White House in 2003. Might be a good career decision, considering he's less likely to out any C.I.A. agents while working with sports teams.

But in all seriousness, isn't it a little bit scary that NFL teams are getting P.R. advice from this guy? It's one thing if teams want to protect their images, it's another if they want to take lessons in completely lying to your face and getting away with it. Also, it's not like the Saints have any potentially catastrophic situations that they're dealing with right now...unless they're hiding something. Maybe Sean Payton knows something we don't.

Photo lifted from The Swamp


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