Lake Borgne Work Funded



??The Orleans Land Bridge Project is just one of the many coastal resources in Louisiana now reaping the benefits of a new federal grant program. The Coastal Impact Assistance Program, also known as CIAP, distributes $250 million annually to six eligible offshore oil- and gas-producing states, including Louisiana. The money is intended to help minimize the effects of oil and gas production in the Outer Continental Shelf. Most recently, the state was allocated $1.3 million to complete part of the Orleans Land Bridge Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation Project, which will build approximately 50,000 feet of rock breakwater along the Lake Borgne shoreline between Bayou Bienvenue and Alligator Point in hopes of reducing the erosion rate in the area. 

“This is good news for the state, good news for the city, and good news for the country,” says Tim Doody, president of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East. “This is a portion of the plan that will create a safer and higher bridge, out of harm’s way.” In particular, the federal government wants CIAP to complement ongoing restoration activities in local communities and, where possible, hurricane protection projects. Louisiana’s overall CIAP plan was approved last year. — Jeremy Alford

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