"Flash mob" protest at Grand Central Station



I thought this was a fascinating phenomenon: a group of protestors showed up at Grand Central Station over the weekend to illustrate human rights violations in Tibet. No permits, no leaders, just people bound together by social networking:

Around 250 Tibetans and supporters gathered in NYC’s famous Grand Central Terminal today for a high profile “flash mob”.

At around 6:00pm groups of students, monks, children, businessmen, activists recently arrived from protesting in Beijing, and ex-political prisoners froze in place mimicking the pose of the iconic Olympic athletes John Carlos and Tommy Smith who shocked the world with their stance of solidarity during the 1968 Olympic Games....

Similar high profile actions will be occurring in cities across the world as the Olympics Games continue in Beijing in a festival of protest and nonviolent direct action during the Beijing Games demanding freedom and human rights for Tibet.

These things are getting popular; I bet we'll see something like that this weekend, when the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Denver.

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