The Art of Mixing Sports and Politics


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Cannizzaro schedule

Just before crossing Poydras Street to get to the Superdome, some anonymous gentleman asked if I would like a season schedule. He passed me a wallet-sized card which quick glance revealed that it did indeed contain the Saints schedule and I stuffed it in my jeans pocket. Imagine my surprised when I pulled that same card while sitting in the press box and seeing this:

Cannizzaro ad

Yup, unbenowknest to me, but my Saints schedule was actually a Leon Cannizzaro political ad in disguise. I don't have much of a problem with this and it's not like Cannizzaro was the only politician with people out on the streets trying to lure in passing fans. But, to my knowledge, no other volunteers were handing out miniature football schedules. Rather, they stuck to the more traditional, "hold-up-large-banners-and-ask-people-to-join-a-mailing-list" approach. I remember neither who the other candidates were nor what they were running for. All I'll remember will be that crafty Cannizzaro who found to best way to get into people's pants — er, I mean heads.


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