NFL Fan Conduct Policy in Action


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Saints tailgaters

So I had this plan to show up at the Superdome and ask tailgating fans what they thought of the NFL's new fan conduct policy, but by the time I got settled in the press area and made my way out to the parking lots (roughly 6:30 or so), there was nay a tailgater to be seen. I can say with relative certainty that the Saints were in compliance with the NFL's other new policy of clearing stadium lots of ticketless patrons.

Maybe its because I arrived at the Superdome just under an hour and a half before kickoff and people were already filing in, or maybe it's because I underestimated what kind of impact a dome can have on tailgaters, or maybe I just didn't look hard enough. I know there were people tailgaiting — the photo evidence proves as much. But clearly, I got to get my early shoes on to catch the fans in action. Live and learn.


For a preseason crowd, though, New Orleans fans did represent well. The attendance was reported as 70,009, or roughly 96% capacity. And it's not like there was any shortage of outstanding car decorations. Though I have got to rethink my strategy of trying to take pictures while driving in pre-game traffic.

Saints car


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