"Excellence in Recovery": City tears down couple's newly bought home by accident



Michelle Krupa of The Times-Picayune has the story that will be the talk of the town come Monday. My God. If Rusty Costanza's photo accompanying Krupa's piece doesn't break your heart...you might be a bureaucrat.

City mistakenly demolishes couple's newly bought home

Erica DeJan and her husband, Brian, bought the two-story structure just around the corner from their current home in June and jumped right into rehabbing it. The scenario was perfect: a bigger house in the same New Orleans neighborhood, plus they would be restoring a property that hadn't been touched since Hurricane Katrina.

So it came as a surprise Friday when Erica DeJan, who is nearly eight months pregnant with her fourth child, found a sticker on the house stating that Mayor Ray Nagin's administration had declared it a public health threat and planned to tear it down.

She high-tailed it to City Hall, city-issued building permit in hand, and left with a letter stating that code-enforcement officials would consider her objection and, if they still deemed the property a candidate for the wrecking ball, would schedule a public hearing on the matter.

The couple's relief turned to shock Saturday morning when they found a city contractor ripping the house to bits....

Read it all. And cue up Gambit’s new Official Theme For Excellence in Recovery, Inc.:

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