To Market To Market, A Happy Report



I'm quite pleased to say that this morning's trip to the Crescent City Farmers' Market was a happy one. Despite the threat of rain, the market was bustling, even as it neared closing time. In case you weren't sure, the market is hosted indoors in a warehouse at the same intersection of Magazine and Girod, when the forecast is less than sunny. All appeared well as I stood in line six people deep to get a gallon of Smith Creamery nonfat milk (for only $5.50), bought the last 12 ounce container of honey from Paw Paw's and talked to heritage livestock farmer Justin Pitts, who had a great morning, selling out of almost everything he brought to market today. These vendors and many more appeared to be doing quite well, hopefully due in part to the growing momentum of the local food dialogue here in New Orleans.  Don't forget to stop by the Tuesday market if you missed today's. It's at Broadway and River Road, 9 to 1 p.m.

Oh, I also got a baby sunflower.Really, what a nice way to start a Saturday.

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