2 Really Good Tropical Weather Sites


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We all pay closer attention to storms post-K, and that means we should pay closer attention to where we get our information about storms.  I have found two excellent weather-related sites in recent years — the tropical pages at Crown Weather and Weather Underground.  Truth is, you only need to bookmark the Crown Weather site, because it includes a “roundup” of several other sites, including Wunderground. 


What I like most about Crown Weather is that the person who writes the opening summary puts it in plain English (mostly) and cuts to the chase. I don’t know the writer’s identity, but he/she does a great job of distilling ALL the intelligence out there from various sources and almost always concludes with his/her best read of where a particular storm is going — and he/she is usually right.


Hopefully, you won’t have to be checking these sites very often in the coming months/years, but it’s always good to have them handy.


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