Women of the Storm Headed to Denver & St. Paul


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(This comes from Cecile Tebo of Women of the Storm)


We want to let all our friends know that a dozen Women of the Storm will be part of the prelude to both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. We will deliver our message that America must learn from New Orleans — about emergency planning and disaster response, infrastructure reliability, and restoration of coastal wetlands and other threatened habitats. All citizens and elected leaders need to understand that the crisis du jour could occur in any community — today or tomorrow. 


To underscore this national issue, the Women of the Storm will be “throwing” thousands of Nerf footballs with the message that Louisiana loses one football field of wetlands every 50 minutes. These precious lands not only serve as a buffer for hurricanes but also house miles and miles of pipeline as part of our energy coast and are habitat for some of our most endangered species. They must be protected!


Women of the Storm will also receive a Hero of the Storm Award from the Friends of New Orleans at a benefit on Sunday, Aug. 25, as part of the Democratic Convention events.


We fly to Denver on Aug. 25 and will go straight to the Hyatt Hotel, the convention headquarters. Ours schedule includes a briefing that afternoon from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., a Friends of New Orleans delegate party at 6 p.m. at the Convention Center, and a benefit at the Fillmore at 8 p.m. with music by some of New Orleans’ most famous entertainers.


The mission of Women of the Storm, a non-partisan, civic organization, is to invite members of the United States Congress and other national leaders to New Orleans to see the challenges and progress first-hand. Having met with success in Washington with 142 members of the House and 57 Senators from the 110th Congress visiting New Orleans, the Women of the Storm has extended its reach to the Democratic and Republican nominating conventions.


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