It's the 800-pound sousaphone in the room


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Officials at the Tipitina's Foundation were nonplussed today when they received the order of musical instruments for their annual Instruments Have Come donation to music students in New Orleans public schools. As the flier indicates, a snafu in the ordering process resulted in the Foundation receiving not hundreds of regular-sized instruments, as they'd intended to purchase, but only three really, really huge instruments that had to be shipped up the Mississippi River on barges.

"Obviously, our intent is to donate instruments that schoolchildren can actually play," said a spokesperson for the Tipitina's Foundation. "These three instruments would have to be played by some kind of genetically engineered, humungous music student. I'm talking Godzilla-sized. Boy, are our faces red."

(Note: This post is actually a joke, of course, at the expense of the Tip's Foundation graphic designers. Head over to the club Saturday evening at 6 for a free battle-of-the-bands showdown from some of New Orleans' finest marching bands.)


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