Introducing: The Best of the Saints Game Preview


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In which I take all the best news, quotes, pictures and everything else Saints-related toss it together and serve it up for our readers. This week's match up: the Saints play their second preseason game and first inside the Superdome as they battle it out against the Houston Texans for Gulf Coast supremacy. Follow me after the jump for all you need to know about this weeks game.

  • Best reason to care about this game: Really, this game counts for nothing and, since Reggie Bush isn't playing, there won't even be any sort of empty competition on the field between the former first- and second-overall picks. But won't it be nice if the Saints O-line completely pancakes Williams on every play? If only because reading those Reggie-Mario comparison articles has driven us ever-so-crazy?

Mario tackles Reggie

  • Best Quote of the Week: "You know, Mike McKenzie and Kenny Chesney are from the opposite ends of the earth, and yet here they are that one afternoon and Kenny notices Mike's wearing the same clothes he's been in all day from his rehab ... and I'd love to see this - but Chesney's undressing McKenzie" — Coach Sean Payton talking about when Kenny Chesney dressed Mike McKenzie when they were both recovering from surgery.
  • Best Place Outside the Dome to Watch the Game: Cooter Brown's. Being it a pre-season game, and with so many other games on the schedule for Saturday night, what better place to watch than a bar with great food, 45 beers on tap and ninjas? Get there early, as seating is always limited.

cooter ninjas

  • Best Reason to Watch the Game at Home: The NFL's new fan conduct policy. Not that Saints tailgating was known for being a loud, drunken mess.
  • Best Game-Related Storyline to Follow: After supposedly getting along great, the Saints and Texans had a couple of tussles on the field yesterday. Is it possible that the tensions will linger into the game? With the first and second teams, probably no. But keep an eye out for third and fourth stringers looking to make an impact to have tempers flaring.
  • Best Non-Game-Related Storyline to Follow: In the words of Kevin Allman: "No. Just no."
  • Best Player to Watch out For: Skyler Green. The Louisiana native has impressed coaches and has become an instant crowd favorite. Expect a warm reception for Green in the Superdome to put a charge in the kick returner/wide receiver. Plus, just get a look at that hair!

Skyler hair

  • Best Local Band to Listen to Before/After Game: Morning 40 Federation. Keeping with the theme that this game ultimately doesn't matter and that, because it's a Saturday night, it's as good excuse as any to go out drinking.

  • Best Facial Hair: This is a no brainer:

Brees goatee 2


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